Vousdens in The Times, 1785-1985

The Times Index, 1785-1985

This page will contain an index to every reference to Vousdens in 200 years of The Times (London) newspaper. The 139 references include court and military reports, news items, letters to the Editor, obituaries, advertisements, and so on. The index contains a name, date, type of article and brief description for each entry.

The first seven entries in the index are given below. More to follow...

Please contact me by e-mail at the Vousden One-Name Study for further information if you think any article is about one of your Vousdens.

Vousdens in The Times
Name Date Type of Article Description
Mr. Vousden, reporter for The Morning Post Saturday, 25 December, 1824 News Ireland, Arrest of Mr. O'Connell of the Catholic Association.
Mr. Vousden of The Morning Post Monday, 27 December, 1824 News Ireland, Prosecution of Daniel O'Connell.
Mr. and Mrs. Vousden Saturday, 30 October, 1841 Law Police report. Investigation into the conduct of a London policeman on the complaint of a Mr. Vousden. The defendant alleged that the complainant owed him a grudge for having reported his public house.
Police Constable Vousden 173D Tuesday, 6 September, 1853 Law Police report. Present at domestic violence incident at Nightingale Street, Lisson Grove, Marylebone
Thomas Vousden Saturday 12 May, 1855 Official Appointments and Notices Naval and Military Intelligence. The transport ship Canterbury arrives with military invalids, including Ensign Thomas Vousden of the 21st, who was wounded at the battle of Inkerman
Lieutenant Vousden Friday, 4 January 1856 News The Army in the Crimea. General Orders. Correction to earlier General Order, read Lieutenant Coakley, not Vousden, 21st Regiment.
Valentine Vousden Wednesday 29 October, 1856 Classified Advertising Entertainment. Salle Vousden, 315 Oxford Street, London.

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