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Date Update Information Details
8 July 2014 Uploaded a new colour scheme for the site and some other minor changes that hopefully will make the site more easy to read.
25 August 2012 Updated the Ireland page, adding information about a new contender for the earliest Vousden in Ireland, a young Peter Vousden in Dublin in 1701.
23 August 2012 Updated the Valentine Vousden page again, adding more new information about his family and his life.
20 July 2012 Updated the Valentine Vousden page, having found him in Manchester in the 1851 census, working as a "Professor of Dancing".
6 June 2012 Having at long last found the marriage record of my 3 x great grandparents William Vousden and Sarah Cook, and also two more of their children, I have updated My Own Vousden Family page.
23 September 2010 Added 30 new items to the Index of Wills for the years 1986 to 1998 inclusive.
19 August 2010 From today the Vousden One-Name Study web site is fully compliant with XHTML and CSS standards. Every page validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS Level 2.1.
These are the "language and grammar" developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the principal international organisation for Web design or "architecture" standards.
It just means that now this web site is created according to a globally accepted coding style that makes the pages easier to maintain, and they have a much greater chance of displaying consistently in different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.).
4 August 2010 Added 33 new items to the Index of Wills for the years 1973 to 1985 inclusive.
2 August 2010 Updated the Ireland page with information about a Richard Vousden, inn keeper in Maynooth in 1777, and a Vousden's Hotel in Dublin in 1794.
29 July 2010 Added a new page about Valentine Vousden (1819-1906), the polynational and prolific Irish entertainer.
28 July 2010 Updated the Ireland page with details of the 1893 and 1910 voyages to the US and Canada of Peter Vousden.
28 July 2010 Updated the Vousden DNA page with additional information now that the Project is live, including a link to the dedicated Vousden DNA Project web site hosted by Family Tree DNA, and some links to useful / interesting web sites for Genetic DNA research.
27 July 2010 Added a new page about the Vousdens in Ireland, with maps, census, IGI and other data.
20 July 2010 Added a page on the new Vousden DNA Project, designed to demonstrate genetic linkages between families and explore our deep ancestry.
15 July 2010 Added the story of my own Vousden family, a genealogical journey around the Black Country, London, the Crimea, India, Guildford, Bromley, the Isle of Sheppey and, of course, Goudhurst, Kent.
14 July 2010 Added a link on the Web Links page, to The Weald of Kent Protection Society, that aims to protect and enhance the character of the Wealden villages and countryside.
14 July 2010 Re-designed the whole site, from top to bottom, with a new size, shape and appearance but most importantly, its easier for me to add new pages and update existing ones.
24 September 2008 Added a link on the Web Links page, to the Mid-Kent Marriages Index 1754-1911, a searchable database of the marriage records of seven registration districts in the mid Kent area, also marriages celebrated at Maidstone (All Saints) for this period.
24 October 2007 Added the Maps page, to help you find your way around Kent. Also added link to a transcription of the 1891 census for Goudhurst on the Web Links page.
23 October 2007 Added the Vousden Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Goudhurst Church, by kind permission of Kent Archaeological Society. These contain a lot of useful detail.
16 October 2007 Re-launched the Vousden One-Name Study web site at its new dedicated address of www.vousden.name
16 October 2007 Added the new War Deaths page recording civilian and military Vousdens who died in the First and Second World Wars.
16 October 2007 Added the new Surname Origins page where I discuss my thoughts on the meaning and origins of the Vousden surname.
28 November 2006 Added links to five more sites on the Web Links page: the family tree of William Tilbury, Ship's Carpenter (whose grandson Henry married Martha Vousden); the Tunbridge Wells Family History Society; Kent Archives Service Online Catalogue; Here's History Kent - an archive of historical material relating to Kent Parishes and Towns; and Kent Registration Services.
3 October 2006 Not exactly this website, but have created and published a profile of the Vousden One-Name Study on the Guild of One-Name Studies website.
1 September 2006 Added David Stephenson to the list of Vousden Researchers. His family lived in Eastry near Sandwich in east Kent, but like most Vousdens their not too distant ancestors hailed from Goudhurst. Richard was a gamekeeper there for many years.
29 August 2006 I am not generally dedicated to following fashion, but today I joined millions of others and started a Web Log (a.k.a. "blog"), courtesy of www.blogger.com, now part of the Google Empire. My Blog is at the Vousden One-Name Study Blog page, and is accessible from the main menu. The idea is that it will complement the What's New page on this site with a running commentary of what my Vousden researches and the One-Name Study are up to. It remains to be seen how well I keep this up, only time will tell. Thank you to Google Blogger for giving us such a good product.
23 August 2006 Added two new web sites with lots of photographs and data for Vousden researchers to the Web Links page. One is an excellent collection of photos of Kent Churches. The other is to do with Sandhurst parish and nearby villages on the Kent/Sussex border.
2 August 2006 Updated the Canada page with a new section on the Saskatchewan Homestead Index Project and its online records of Vousdens who were granted ownership of land for a homestead in the province.
20 June 2006 Added the first entries to the index of Vousdens in The Times page of the Resources / Data section.
15 June 2006 Added the Kent Online Parish Clerks and Canterbury Cathedral Archives sites to the Web Links page.
14 June 2006 Updated the Canada genealogy page with more Vousden records and a map of southern Saskatchewan.
13 June 2006 Added a Canada genealogy page to the Vousden One-Name Study.
8 June 2006 Added a Site Map page that lists all the pages on the site.
5 June 2006 Added a Link to the CityArk web site of the Medway Council Archives Service, for the archives of the Medway area of Kent and also the parish records of north-west Kent.
5 June 2006 Added the introduction to the Vousden One-Name Study.
1 June 2006 Added the first Wills page in the Resources / Data section, my transcription of the indexes to UK Vousden Grants of Probate (Wills) and Administrations from 1853 to 1972.
31 May 2006 Added the first part of my own Vousden family story page in the My Family section.
31 May 2006 Added Keith Skudder's research interest in Harriet Vousden, born 1822/23, place unknown, parents unknown.
25 May 2006 Noah Clinch is the second entry in the Vousden Researchers page.
20 May 2006 Karen Thatcher is the first entry after my own in the new Vousden Researchers page.
20 May 2006 Added the page of Web Links to other web sites for Vousden researchers.
17 May 2006 Beta testing of the first few pages starts. Many thanks to Noah Clinch and Karen Thatcher in particular for their helpful suggestions and comments, not least for spotting one or two problems.

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