Vousden Wills


The Probate data for Vousdens on this page has been extracted from the Calendars (annual indexes) of the Central Probate Registry.

Probate refers to the legal process of approval by a competent court that an instrument (normally a Will or Administration in the absence of a Will) of a deceased person was indeed his or her lawful act, together with authority to the executor(s) to carry out its terms.

A Will, properly known as a Last Will and Testament, is a document directing the disposal of a deceased person's property according to his or her wishes while living. When a person dies intestate, that is, leaving no Will, the next-of-kin, or a close friend or creditor, applies to the probate court to grant Letters of Administration of the estate, also called Admons., to settle matters

Before 1858 there were up to 300 or so ecclesiastical and peculiar courts. The peculiars belonged in the main to city corporations, colleges or lords of manors. In 1858 all these fragmented jurisdictions were abolished by the Probate Act, and their powers were passed to the Probate Division (now the Family Division) of the High Court.

Calendar of the Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration
made in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Date of Grant Name Residence Will Reference
August 1853 William Vousden Surrey 642
February 1856 Samuel Vousden Surrey

Calendar of the Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration
in the several District Registries of Her Majesty's
Court of Probate 1859-1972

Date of Grant Name Residence
2 April 1859 Joseph Vousden Clapham, Surrey
The Will of Joseph Vousden late of 154 Manor-street Clapham in the County of Surrey Mason deceased who died 4 December 1858 at Manor-street aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of Eliza Vousden of 154 Manor-street aforesaid Widow the Relict and the sole Executrix. Estate under £200.
17 December 1862 Sarah Vousden Camden Town, Middlesex
Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Sarah Vousden late of Bayham-street Camden Town in the County of Middlesex Widow deceased who died 21 November 1860 at Bayham-street aforesaid were granted at the Principal Registry to Thomas Vousden of the Infantry Barracks near the City of Canterbury in the County of Kent Esquire the Son and one of the Next of Kin of the said Deceased he having been first sworn. Estate under £450.
21 January 1864 Richard Vousden Clapham, Surrey
Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Richard Vousden late of Manor-street Clapham in the County of Surrey Stonemason a Bachelor deceased who died 23 November 1863 at Guy's Hospital Southwark in the said County were granted at the principal Registry to William Vousden of 2 North-cottages Bedford-road Clapham aforesaid Mariner the nephew and one of the Next of Kin of the said Deceased he having been first sworn. Estate under £20.
17 June 1865 Samuel Vousden Clapham, Surrey
Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Samuel Vousden late of Manor-street Clapham in the County of Surrey. Bachelor deceased who died 3 December 1855 at Manor-street aforesaid left unadministered by Richard Vousden the Brother and only Next of Kin of the said Deceased were granted at the Principal Registry to William Vousden of 2 North-cottages Cottage Grove Stockwell in the said County Gentleman the nephew and one of the Persons entitled in Distribution to the Personal estate and effects of the said Deceased he having been first sworn. Former Grant Prerogative Court of Canterbury February 1856. Estate under £5.
5 December 1866 Samuel Vousden Clapham, Surrey
Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Samuel Vousden late of Clapham in the County of Surrey Stonemason deceased who died 12 July 1837 at Clapham aforesaid left unadministered by Esther Vousden Widow the Relict of the said Deceased were granted at the Principal Registry to John Vousden of 4 Prescott-place Clapham aforesaid Stonemason the Grandson and one of the Persons entitled in Distribution to the Personal estate and effects of the said Deceased he having been first sworn. Former Grant Prerogative Court of Canterbury June 1838. Estate under £300.
17 February 1873 Thomas Vousden Peasmarsh, Sussex
The Will of Thomas Vousden late of the Stream Farm in the Parish of Peasmarsh in the County of Sussex formerly a Captain in the 21st Regiment of Royal North British Fusiliers who died 16 September at Peasmarsh was proved at the Principal Registry by Mary Jane Vousden of Playden in the said County Widow the Relict and Thomas Whorwell Burkitt of Maidstone in the County of Kent Butcher the Executors. Estate under £1000.
9 July 1874 Daniel Vousden Guildford, Surrey
Administration of the effects of Daniel Vousden late of the 'Railway' Hotel Guildford in the County of Surrey Publican who died 10 June 1874 at the 'Railway' was granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Ann Vousden of the 'Railway' Widow the Relict. Estate under £1500.
29 May 1876 Frances Vousden Clapham, Surrey
The Will with a Codicil of Frances Vousden late of 143 Manor-street Clapham in the County of Surrey Widow who died 21 April 1876 at Manor-street was proved at the Principal Registry by Daniel Mason of 39 Stamford-road Kingsland in the County of Middlesex Cabinet Maker and Mary Vousden and Frances Vousden both of 143 Manor-street Spinsters the Daughters the Executors. Estate under £600.
14 May 1881 James Vousden Southwark, Surrey
The Will of James Vousden late of Union-street Southwark in the County of Surrey Confectioner who died 5 April 1881 at 71 Union-street was proved at the Principal Registry by Sarah Vousden Widow the Relict the sole Executrix. Personal Estate under £1000.
20 December 1883 Sarah Vousden Southwark, Surrey
The Will with a Codicil of Sarah Vousden late of 71 Union-street Southwark in the County of Surrey Widow who died 19 November 1883 at Union-street was proved at the Principal Registry by Robert Bianchi of Stanford-street Blackfriars in the said County Surgeon and James Phillips of 82 Union-street Twine Merchant the Executors under certain Limitations. Personal Estate £456.
16 February 1885 Sarah Vousden Southwark, Surrey
The Will with a Codicil of Sarah Vousden late of 71 Union-street Southwark in the County of Surrey Widow who died 19 November 1883 at 71 Union-street was proved at the Principal Registry by Harry Vousden Tilbury of 71 Union-street Wholesale Confectioner the Grandson the Executor. The Probate granted at the Principal Registry December 1883 having ceased and expired. Personal Estate £456. This Grant has ceased. Another Grant will be issued.
13 March 1894 Liberty Vousden Brixton, Surrey
Vousden Liberty of 34 Elliott-road North Brixton Surrey labourer died 25 February 1894 Probate London 13 March to Victoria Carlow (wife of George William Carlow). Effects £17 16s.
1894 Richard Vousden Lamberhurst, Kent
Vousden Richard of Lamberhurst Quarter Kent labourer died 1 February 1894 Probate London 17 February to Edwin Vousden coachman and Charles Bennett gardener. Effects £330 19s. 2d.
16 April 1896 Amos Vousden Grays, Essex
Vousden Amos of 10 George-street Grays Essex coal merchant's foreman died 28 January 1896 Probate London 16 April to Mary Vousden widow. Effects £239 10s. 10d.
19 March 1897 James Vousden Goudhurst, Kent
Vousden James of Goudhurst Kent died 3 February 1897 Probate London 19 March to Mary Jane Vousden widow. Effects £182 5s. 3d.
7 July 1902 Sarah Sophia Vousden St. Leonards-on-Sea
Vousden Sarah Sophia of 4 St. Matthew's-terrace St. Leonards-on-Sea spinster died 25 February 1902 Administration Lewes 7 July to Frank Vousden painter. Effects £103 3s.
11 May 1903 William John Vousden Cheveney Hunton near Maidstone
Vousden William John of Cheveney Hunton near Maidstone retired colonel in H.M. army V.C., C.B. died 12 November 1902 at Lahore India Adminstration (with Will) (Limited) London 11 May to Richard Alexander Steel captain in the 17th-Bengal-lancers. Effects £2097 13s 6d.
18 August 1904 Charles Vousden Stepney, Middlesex
Vousden Charles of 86 Jamaica-street Stepney Middlesex died 25 June 1904 Probate London 18 August to Rosa Caroline Vousden widow. Effects £327 10s.
2 February 1904 Emmeline Mary Eden Vousden Grosvenor Square, Middlesex
Vousden Emmeline Mary Eden of 30 Park-street Grosvenor-square Middlesex widow died 1 January 1904 at Torrington-villa London-road Tunbridge Wells Administration (with Will) London 2 February to Richard Alexander Steel captain in the 17th Cavalry Indian-army. Effects £10342 16s 9d.
7 June 1907 Mary Jane Vousden Dover
Vousden Mary Jane of 44 Clarendon-road Dover widow died 21 May 1907 Probate London 7 June to Kate Fuller and Frances Mary Fuller spinsters. Effects £541 3s. 6d.
10 January 1907 Sophia Vousden St. Leonards-on-Sea
Vousden Sophia of 295 London-road St. Leonards-on-Sea (wife of Frank Vousden) died 11 December 1906 Administration Lewes 10 January to the said Frank Vousden painter. Effects £198 12s. 3d.
22 December 1908 Mary Vousden Marden, Kent
Vousden Mary of Brook Farm Marden Kent (wife of John Vousden) died 25 October 1908 Administration London 22 December to the said John Vousden farm bailiff. Effects £134 9s. 9d.
23 February 1911 Rosa Caroline Vousden Shoreditch, Middlesex
Vousden Rosa Caroline of 106 Scawfell-street Shoreditch Middlesex widow died 2 February 1911 Administration London 23 February to Rosa Edith Vousden spinster. Effects £1671 6s. 4d. Resworn £1571 12s. 4d.
13 March 1912 Henry Vousden Greenwich, Kent
Vousden Henry of 54 Blissett-street Greenwich Kent died 15 February 1912 Administration London 13 March to Sarah Ann Vousden widow. Effects £110 1s.
11 September 1916 George Henry Vousden or French Manor Park, Essex
Vousden or French George Henry of 104 Byron-avenue Manor Park Essex died 14 August 1916 Probate London 11 September to Elizabeth French widow. Effects £2 19s. 11d.
2 March 1921 Frank Vousden St. Leonard's-on-Sea
Vousden Frank of 295 London-road St. Leonard's-on-Sea died 2 February 1921 Probate Lewes 2 March to Fanny Georgeina Vousden spinster. Effects £380 7s. 6d.
25 May 1921 Joseph Frederic Vousden Deal
Vousden Joseph Frederic of 36 Blenheim-road Deal died 19 March 1921 Administration (with Will) London 25 May to Harriott Vousden widow. Effects £498 6s.
25 October 1921 Joseph Mary Ann Brenchley, Kent
Vousden Mary Ann of Orchard View Cork-street Brenchley Kent widow died 3 October 1921 Probate London 25 October to Caleb Smith grocer. Effects £139 10s. 1d.
1 May 1922 Reuben Vousden Staplehurst, Kent
Vousden Reuben of Ash Grove the Quarter Staplehurst Kent died 3 April 1922 Administration London 1 May to Charlotte Vousden widow. Effects £245 3s. 8d.
21 August 1923 William Robert Vousden Cairo, Egypt
Vousden William Robert of the Egyptian State Railways Mansoura Egypt died 21 February 1923 at Cairo Egypt Probate London 21 August to Edward Richard Mays locomotive superintendent. Effects £250.
5 September 1925 Daniel Vousden Paddington, Middlesex
Vousden Daniel of Wheatshead [Wheatsheaf PH] 329 Edgware-road Paddington Middlesex died 24 March 1925 Probate London 5 September to Daniel William Vousden licensed victualler and Agnes Minnie Lucy Brown (wife of Robert John Brown). Effects £20476 15s 2d.
20 April 1928 Emma Vousden Westham, Sussex
Vousden Emma of 58 Ringwood-road Eastbourne spinster died 13 March 1928 at Walled-in-House Friday-street Westham Sussex Probate London 20 April to Lionel David Piercy Swift solicitor. Effects £1971 15s. 4d.
13 June 1929 Edwin Prier Vousden Staplehurst, Kent
Vousden Edwin Prier of Dane Mead Staplehurst Kent died 22 February 1929 Probate London 13 June to Emma Vousden widow. Effects £279 3s. 4d.
10 July 1929 Harriott Vousden Deal
Vousden Harriott of 36 Blenheim-road Deal widow died 29 March 1929 at The Deal and Walmer War Memorial Hospital Deal Probate London 10 July to Edith Adelaide Vousden and Winifred Mary Vousden spinsters. Effects £496 8s. 9d.
1 June 1929 Helena Augusta Vousden Barming, Kent
Vousden Helena Augusta of The Mental Hospital Barming Kent spinster died 8 October 1928 Administration London 1 June to William John Vousden retired seaman. Effects £173 13s. 3d.
11 October 1929 Mary Vousden Snodland, Kent
Vousden Mary of 1 Linden-place Malling-road Snodland Kent widow died 10 September 1929 Administration London 11 October to Walter Herbert Vousden stoker. Effects £158 14s. 4d.
25 September 1930 Adelaide Vousden Staplehurst, Kent
Vousden Adelaide of Yew Tree Cottage The Quarter Staplehurst Kent widow died 9 February 1930 Administration (with Will) London 25 September to Arthur Vousden wheelwright. Effects £223 2s. 9d.
7 April 1930 Dorothy Vousden Eastbourne
Vousden Dorothy of 58 Ringwood-road Eastbourne spinster died 8 March 1930 Probate London 7 April to Lionel David Piercy Swift solicitor. Effects £1032 7s.
15 April 1930 Edith Vousden Eastbourne
Vousden Edith of 58 Ringwood-road Eastbourne spinster died 7 February 1930 at Wivelsfield Sussex Administration London 15 April to John Henry Vousden poultry farmer. Effects £727 19s. 4d.
3 September 1930 George Thomas Vousden Marden, Kent
Vousden George Thomas of Ash Tree Winchet Hill Marden Kent died 6 August 1930 at West Kent Hospital Maidstone Administration London 3 September to Eva Elizabeth Vousden widow. Effects £212 5s.
24 June 1931 Sarah Annie Vousden Reading
Vousden Sarah Annie of 42 Granby Gardens Reading widow died 2 May 1931 Administration Oxford 24 June to Albert Henry Vousden engineer's driller. Effects £111 1s. 4d.
17 July 1934 Ann Vousden Matfield, Kent
Vousden Ann of Matfield Gate Matfield Kent widow died 18 June 1934 Probate London 17 July to Charles Hayter blacksmith. Effects £650 17s. 6d.
21 April 1934 John Vousden Canterbury
Vousden John of 22 Riverdale-road Canterbury died 7 January 1934 at The Kent and Canterbury Hospital Canterbury Probate London 21 April to Eliza Vousden widow. Effects £295.
1 April 1935 Daniel William Vousden Holloway, Middlesex
Vousden Daniel William of Holloway Station Hotel 295 Holloway-road Holloway Middlesex died 9 February 1935 at The Royal Northern Hospital Holloway-road Probate London 1 April to Rosa Edith Vousden widow. Effects £3609 17s. 7d. 3 April 1936 Caroline Vousden Pevensey, Sussex
Vousden Caroline of Walled-in-House Stone Cross Pevensey Sussex spinster died 29 February 1936 Probate London 3 April to Lionel David Piercy Swift solicitor. Effects £2105 4s. 2d.
21 April 1936 Edwin Vousden Brenchley Liddington, Wiltshire
Vousden Edwin of Brenchley Liddington Wiltshire died 15 March 1936 Probate London 21 April to Percy Richard Thomas Vousden accountant. Effects £1480 19s. 1d.
11 September 1936 Eulalie Vousden Eastbourne
Vousden Eulalie of 7 Windermere-crescent Eastbourne spinster died 29 July 1936 at St. Mary's Hospital Eastbourne Probate London 11 September to Mabel Adams (wife of Archibald John Thomas Adams). Effects £686 14s. 5d.
10 June 1937 Lilian Gertrude Vousden Goudhurst, Kent
Vousden Lilian Gertrude of Morebreddis Goudhurst Kent spinster died 21 April 1937 at Sandhill Pembury Kent Administration London 10 June to Hugh Vousden carpenter. Effects £368 5s. 11d.
12 March 1938 James George Vousden Erith, Kent
Vousden James George of 33 Thanet-road Erith Kent died 12 January 1938 at 37 West-hill Dartford Kent Administration London 12 March to Margaret Vousden widow. Effects £165 18s. 4d.
21 June 1938 John Henry Vousden Chatham
Vousden John Henry of 5 The Chase Boundary-road Chatham died 13 April 1938 Probate London 21 June to Lionel David Piercy Swift solicitor. Effects £370 8s. 8d.
22 October 1941 Archibald George Vousden Bromley, Kent
Vousden Archibald George of 19 Gwydyr-road Bromley Kent died 16 September 1941 Administration London 22 October to David George Vousden rivetter. Effects £261 10s. 6d.
29 May 1941 Edith Adelaide Vousden Deal
Vousden Edith Adelaide of 36 Blenheim-road Deal spinster died 30 December 1940 at Purley Cottage Hospital Purley Surrey Probate London 29 May to Irene May Rawlins widow and Winifred Mary Vousden spinster. Effects £178 0s. 11d.
4 April 1941 Frank Crittle Vousden Lewisham, London
Vousden Frank Crittle of 113 Radford-road Lewisham London died 4 November 1940 at King Edward VII Hospital Windsor Administration Oxford 4 April to Edith Vousden widow. Effects £167 19s.
25 February 1941 Hugh Vousden Goudhurst, Kent
Vousden Hugh of Morebreddis Goudhurst Kent died 15 January 1941 Administration London 25 February to Hilda May Vousden. Effects £188 9s. 7d.
18 February 1943 Olive Laura Vousden Brighton
Vousden Olive Laura of 56 Compton-road Brighton spinster died 12 December 1942 at Brighton County Borough Mental Hospital Haywards Heath Sussex Administration Lewes 18 February to Horace Vousden drapers salesman. Effects £293 3s. 4d.
11 July 1944 Frederick Arthur Vousden Alton, Hampshire
Vousden Frederick Arthur of 51 Mount Pleasant-road Alton Hampshire died 16 July 1932 Administration Llandudno 11 July to Abby Margaret Vousden widow. Effects £801 11s.
13 April 1944 Walter John Vousden Chelsea, London
Vousden Walter John of The Royal Hospital Chelsea London S.W.3. died 24 October 1943 at The Hereford General Hospital Hereford Administration Llandudno 13 April to Lydia Frances Vousden spinster. Effects £746 7s. 1d.
16 July 1945 Samuel George Vousden Grays, Essex
Vousden Samuel George of 1 Dell-road Grays Essex died 12 May 1945 at Tilbury Hospital Tilbury Essex Probate Llandudno 16 July to Elizabeth Lydia Vousden widow. Effects £5313 6s. 3d.
16 March 1945 Walter Vousden Eastry, Kent
Vousden Walter (the elder) of Eastry Kent died 18 August 1944 Probate Llandudno 16 March to Frederick Alchin Cloke solicitor and Walter Vousden (the younger) agricultural engineer. Effects £2000 6s. 6d.
4 October 1946 Albert Vousden Cranleigh, Surrey
Vousden Albert of Fairhaven The Drive Cranleigh Surrey died 11 December 1945 Administration London 4 October to Elvina Marian Vousden widow. Effects £305.
26 February 1946 Eliza Ann Vousden Mitcham, Surrey
Vousden Eliza Ann of 21 Hill-road Mitcham Surrey widow died 11 December 1945 Administration (with Will) Llandudno 26 February to Arthur Ernest Vousden labourer and Emma Eliza Coles (wife of Leonard Coles). Effects £193 7s. 9d.
29 March 1946 Isaac Albert Vousden Snodland, Kent
Vousden Isaac Albert of Co-operative Flat Holborough-road Snodland Kent died 19 January 1946 Administration Llandudno 29 March to Alice Maude Vousden widow. Effects £624 7s. 9d.
13 April 1946 Rosina Gertrude Vousden Reigate, Surrey
Vousden Rosina Gertrude of 12 Upper-west-street Reigate Surrey (wife of Sydney James Vousden) died 2 March 1946 Administration London 13 April to the said James Vousden bakers journeyman. Effects £175 15s. 8d.
27 June 1947 William Vousden London SE13
Vousden William of 26 Elthruda-road London S.E.13 died 26 May 1947 at The Hospital Lewisham London S.E.13 Administration London 27 June to William George Vousden cold storage worker. Effects £744 5s. 9d.
5 February 1948 John Vousden Greenwich, Kent
Vousden John of 18 Cocomb-street Greenwich Kent died 23 December 1939 Administration London 5 February to Emma Amelia Vousden widow. Effects £491.
31 December 1948 Margaret Vousden Edith [Erith], Kent
Vousden Margaret of 33 Thanet-road Edith [Erith] Kent died 14 October 1948 Probate London 31 December to James Matthew Vousden engineer. Effects £1181 17s. 9d.
21 March 1949 Albert Henry Vousden Reading
Vousden Albert Henry of 42 Granby-gardens Reading died 4 December 1948 at The Royal Berks Hospital Reading Administration Oxford 21 March to Daisy Edith Vousden widow. Effects £275 1s. 5d.
24 September 1949 Edward Victor Vousden Goudhurst, Kent
Vousden Edward Victor of Morebreddis Goudhurst Kent died 11 March 1949 at Coxheath Hospital Linton Kent Administration London 24 September to Louisa Vousden widow. Effects £542 14s. 7d.
15 November 1949 James Albert Dalton Vousden Coventry
Vousden James Albert Dalton of 96 Avon-street Coventry died 30 September 1949 at The Isolation Hospital Whitley Coventry Administration Birmingham 15 November to Jane Elizabeth Cissie Baker (wife of George Baker). Effects £214 3s. 5d.
14 November 1950 Francis Edwin Vousden Liddington, Wiltshire
Vousden Francis Edwin of Liddington Wiltshire died 1 September 1950 Probate Gloucester 14 November to Dorothy Ellen Vousden widow and Walter James Bedwin grocer. Effects £4149 16s. 4d.
18 April 1950 William George Vousden Lewisham, London
Vousden William George of 66 Quentin-road Lewisham London died 23 February 1950 at The Lewisham Hospital London Administration London 18 April to Irene Adelaide Maynard (wife of William Edward Maynard). Effects £252 19s. 3d.
22 June 1951 Catherine Vousden Taliesin, Cardiganshire
Vousden Catherine of 43 Wesley-terrace Taliesin Cardiganshire widow died 30 January 1951 Probate Carmarthen 22 June to Charlotte Mary Vousden spinster. Effects £625 0s. 2d.
26 March 1952 Dorothy Alice Vousden Salisbury
Vousden Dorothy Alice of 11 Heath-road Salisbury (wife of Ernest Vousden) died 22 February 1952 Administration Winchester 26 March to the said Ernest Vousden aircraft engineer. Effects £622 11s. 10d.
9 May 1952 Rosina Vousden Redhill, Surrey
Vousden Rosina of 22 Ladbroke-road Redhill Surrey (wife of John Vousden) died 4 March 1952 at East Surrey Hospital Redhill Administration London 9 May to the said John Vousden retired plate layer. Effects £230 3s. 8d.
7 October 1953 Amelia Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Amelia of 28 Nelson-road Dartford Kent (wife of William Vousden) died 14 July 1953 Probate London 7 October to Elizabeth Kate Vousden spinster. Effects £432 0s. 10d.
11 September 1953 Dorothy Ethel Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Dorothy Ethel of 26 London-road Stone Dartford Kent spinster died 13 February 1953 Administration London 11 September to William Ernest Vousden engineers fitter. Effects 153 5s 10d.
23 November 1953 William Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden William of 28 Nelson-road Dartford Kent died 14 September 1953 Probate London 23 November to Elizabeth Kate Vousden spinster and May Amy Wilkins widow. Effects £1630 13s. 9d.
14 August 1954 Ann Elizabeth Vousden Lewisham, London
Vousden Ann Elizabeth of 26 Ethnuda-road Lewisham London S.E.13 widow died 3 July 1954 at Lewisham Hospital Lewisham London Probate London 14 August to William George Vousden cold storage worker. Effects £889 15s. 8d.
19 May 1954 Annie Mabel Vousden Gravesend, Kent
Vousden Annie Mabel of 1 Trosley-avenue Gravesend Kent (wife of Sidney John Vousden) died 12 March 1954 Administration London 19 May to the said Sidney John Vousden progress manager. Effects £664 13s. 9d.
24 September 1955 Caroline Vousden Chatham
Vousden Caroline of 5 The Chase Boundary-road Chatham widow died 1 September 1955 Probate London 24 September to Arthur Charles Vousden printer. Effects £1235 3s. 8d.
6 April 1955 Harry Vousden Rodmersham, Kent
Vousden Harry of The Haven Penfield-lane Rodmersham Kent died 18 March 1955 Probate London 6 April to Edith Vousden widow. Effects £384 5s. 10d.
30 April 1955 Mary Vousden Snodland, Kent
Vousden Mary of 159 Malling-road Snodland Kent widow died 4 February 1955 at Millbrook House Snodland Administration London 30 April to Hilda Mary Tice married woman. Effects £280 9s. 1d.
14 April 1956 John Vousden Redhill, Surrey
Vousden John of 22 Ladbroke-road Redhill Surrey died 12 January 1956 Probate London 14 April to Richard West solicitor. Effects £478 2s. 9d.
4 June 1957 Daisy Winifred Vousden Bromley, Surrey
Vousden Daisy Winifred otherwise Daisy Winnefred otherwise Daisy Winnifred of 23 Oxhawth-crescent Bromley Kent (wife of Walter Frederick Vousden) died 9 April 1957 at Bromley Hospital Bromley Kent Probate London 4 June to the said Walter Frederick Vousden railway signalman. Effects £1194 15s. 10d.
30 September 1957 Edward Walter Vousden Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
Vousden Edward Walter of 44 Westcliff-park-drive Westcliff-on-Sea Essex died 1 June 1957 Probate London 30 September to Doris Nellie Vousden widow. Effects £3237 11s.
16 April 1957 Elizabeth Lydia Vousden Grays, Essex
Vousden Elizabeth Lydia of 1 Dell-road Grays Essex widow died 11 February 1957 Probate London 16 April to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £16419 14s. 5d.
1 November 1957 Frederick William Vousden Southfields, London
Vousden Frederick William of 31 Granville-road Southfields London S.W.18 died 12 September 1957 at St. James Hospital Balham London Administration London 1 November to Amy Beatrice Vousden widow. £772.
24 June 1957 May Vousden Port Talbot, Glamorganshire
Vousden May of 95 Pendarvis-street Aberavon Port Talbot Glamorganshire (wife of William Noel Vousden) died 26 April 1957 at The General Hospital Port Talbot Administration Llandaff 24 June to the said William Noel Vousden bread salesman. Effects 587 1s. 4d.
28 May 1958 Emily Vousden Bayswater, London
Vousden Emily of Queensborough Terrace Bayswater London single woman died 22 January 1958 at St. Marys Hospital Paddington London Administration (limited) London 28 May to Philip John Milford café proprietor and William Harold Edward Vousden hotel proprietor. Effects £1205 14s. 7d.
28 February 1958 Frank Joseph Vousden Tonbridge
Vousden Frank Joseph Thomas of 49 Kings Road Tonbridge died 1 January 1958 at The Kent and Sussex Hospital Tunbridge Wells Administration London 28 February to Elsie Evelyn Ellen Shilling married woman. Effects £50 10s.
16 March 1959 Emma Elizabeth Vousden Grays, Essex
Vousden Emma Elizabeth of 59 Ward Avenue Grays Essex widow died 17 October 1958 Administration London 16 March to Margaret Emily Vousden spinster. Effects £2390.
8 January 1959 Thomas Vousden Hither Green, London
Vousden Thomas of 13 Pascoe Road Hither Green London S.E.13 died 26 November 1958 Probate London 8 January to William George Vousden commercial clerk. Effects £397.
26 September 1960 Ethel Elizabeth Vousden Brighton
Vousden Ethel Elizabeth of 1 Stanford Road Brighton (wife of Horace Vousden) died 8 September 1959 at the General Hospital Brighton Administration Lewes 26 September to William John Vousden newspaper manager. Effects £305 0s. 1d.
28 April 1960 Horace Vousden Brighton
Vousden Horace of 1 Stanford Road Brighton died 8 February 1960 at the General Hospital Brighton Administration (with Will) Lewes 28 April to William John Vousden newspaper manager. Effects £962 8s. 4d.
12 October 1960 John Vousden Ramsgate
Vousden John of Nether Edge 4 Cottington Road Cliffsend Ramsgate died 5 Sepember 1960 at Manor Hospital Bristol Probate London 12 October to Arthur John Vousden clerk (British Railways). Effects £478 17s. 1d.
29 January 1960 Sarah Vousden London SW1
Vousden Sarah of 14 Greencoat Mansions Greencoat Row London S.W.1 died 1 November 1959 Administration London 29 January to Edith Rose Vousden spinster. Effects £277 16s. 9d.
21 December 1961 Bessie Eliza Vousden Hammersmith, London
Vousden Bessie Eliza otherwise Bessie of 4 Rowan Terrace Bute Gardens Hammersmith London married woman died 21 November 1961 at Tooting Bec Hospital Tooting London Probate London 21 December to Bessie Amelia Agnes Rutter married woman. Effects £248 1s. 5d.
11 April 1961 Edith Maria Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Edith Maria of 34 York Road Dartford Kent widow died 21 February 1961 at Joyce Green Hospital Dartford Administration London 11 April to Herbert Edwin Vousden filing clerk. Effects £189 15s. 11d.
15 February 1961 Frederick William Vousden Tunbridge Wells
Vousden Frederick William of 1a St Johns Road Tunbridge Wells died 7 November 1960 at The Kent and Sussex Hospital Tunbridge Wells Administration Lewes 15 February to Lizzie Vousden widow. Effects £1215 16s.
2 January 1961 Louisa Vousden Goudhurst, Kent
Vousden Louisa of Morebreddis Goudhurst Kent widow died 10 September 1956 at 2 Station Road Puckeridge Ware Hertfordshire Probate London 2 January to Gordon Lloyd Vousden prison plant attendant. Effects £560 11s. 9d.
29 September 1961 William John Vousden London SE26
Vousden William John of 32 Lawrie Park Gardens London S.E.26 died 6 August 1961 Administration London 29 September to Mabel Mary Elizabeth Vousden widow. Effects £3406 11s.
21 June 1962 Arthur Edward Vousden Staplehurst, Kent
Vousden Arthur Edward of 11 The Quarter Staplehurst Kent died 5 March 1962 at Oakwood Hospital Maidstone Administration London 21 June to Annie Maude Vousden spinster. Effects £852 9s. 11d.
19 June 1962 Clifford Frank Crittle Vousden Whitstable, Kent
Vousden Clifford Frank Crittle of 42 Burnan Road Swalecliffe Whitstable Kent died 19 May 1962 Administration London 19 June to Teresa Margaret Vousden widow. Effects £170 17s.
6 November 1962 Fanny Vousden Erith, Kent
Vousden Fanny of 30 Queens Road Erith Kent (wife of Albert George Vousden) died 18 September 1962 at Brook Hospital Greenwich London Administration London 6 November to the said Albert George Vousden retired signalman. Effects £230 6s.
9 February 1962 William Albert Franklin Vousden Tunbridge Wells
Vousden William Albert Franklin of 13 Dunstan Road Tunbridge Wells died 4 January 1962 Administration Lewes 9 February to Gladys Alice Maria Vousden widow. Effects £3485 13s.
8 October 1962 William Noel Vousden Port Talbot, Glamorgan
Vousden William Noel of 18 Burns Road Port Talbot Glamorgan died 24 July 1962 at The General Hospital Port Talbot Administration Llandaff 8 October to Douglas William Vousden steelworks shearman. Effects £2692 12s.
15 March 1962 Winifred Mary Vousden Purley, Surrey
Vousden Winifred Mary of 4 Haydn Avenue Purley Surrey spinster died 21 January 1962 at Beechfield Nursing Home Bramley Hill South Croydon Surrey Probate London 15 March to Joan Winifred Rawlins spinster. Effects £2240 18s.
14 July 1964 Eveline Alice Vousden Kingsbridge, Devon
Vousden Eveline Alice of 5 Sunnybank Challaborough Kingsbridge Devon (wife of Herbert Edwin Vousden) died 26 January 1964 at Freedom Fields Hospital Plymouth Administration Exeter 14 July to Herbert George Vousden smallholder. £4635.
14 July 1964 Herbert Edwin Vousden Molbury, Devon
Vousden Herbert Edwin of Tremar Molbury Devon died 17 March 1964 at Freedom Fields Hospital Plymouth Administration Exeter 14 July to Herbert George Vousden smallholder. £11389.
10 July 1964 Walter Vousden Eastry, Kent
Vousden Walter of Coronation Cottage Mill Lane Eastry Kent died 16 May 1964 at Victoria Hospital Deal Probate London 10 July to Westminster Bank Limited. £6067.
2 March 1964 William Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden William of 2 Marlborough Road Dartford Kent died 19 December 1963 at Bow Arrow Hospital Dartford Administration London 2 March to Ellen Elizabeth Vousden widow. £5598.
8 February 1965 Hilary Charles Vousden Bromley, Kent
Vousden Hilary Charles of 63 Liddon Road Bromley Kent died 12 November 1964 at Farnborough Hospital Kent Administration London 8 February to Elizabeth Jane Vousden widow. £262.
15 March 1965 Sidney James Vousden Reigate, Surrey
Vousden Sidney James of 12 Upper West Street Reigate Surrey died 5 January 1965 at St. Annes Redhill Surrey Administration London 15 March to Kenneth Roland Vousden stonemason. £341.
15 August 1966 Annie Maude Vousden Cranbrook, Kent
Vousden Annie Maude otherwise Annie Maud of Hartley House Cranbrook Kent died 27 June 1966 Probate London 15 August to Frederick George Harris agricultural engineer. £693.
29 June 1966 Elizabeth Kate Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Elizabeth Kate of 28 Nelson Road Dartford Kent died 19 January 1966 at Joyce Green Hospital Dartford Administration London 29 June to May Amy Wilkins widow. £2747.
7 March 1966 Ernest John Vousden Enfield, Middlesex
Vousden Ernest John of 87 Beaconsfield Road Enfield Middlesex died 9 February 1965 at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield Administration London 7 March to Edna Gladys Kathleen Vousden widow. £266.
31 January 1966 Sydney Samuel Vousden Epping, Essex
Vousden Sydney Samuel of The White Hart High Street Epping Essex died 6 September 1965 at St. Margaret's Hospital Epping Probate London 31 January to Westminster Bank Limited. £14591.
23 February 1966 William Ernest Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden William Ernest of 17 Myrtle Place Stone Dartford Kent died 21 November 1965 Administration London 23 February to Cecil Vousden fitters mate. £989.
13 March 1967 Elizabeth Vousden Bedworth, Warwickshire
Vousden Elizabeth of Fairfield Butlers Crescent Bedworth Warwickshire died 13 January 1967 Probate Birmingham 13 March to Dora May Harriet Baker married woman. £178.
3 December 1968 Edith Vousden Slough
Vousden Edith of 109 Grasmere Av Slough died 17 September 1968 Administration London 3 December. £650.
28 November 1968 John Martin Vousden Weybridge, Sussex
Vousden John Martin of 60 Woodham La Weybridge Sussex died 4 January 1968 Administration Manchester 28 November. £1439.
4 November 1968 Lizzie Vousden Staplehurst, Kent
Vousden Lizzie of Dane Mead Newtown Staplehurst Kent died 10 October 1967 Administration (with Will) London 4 November. £824.
10 December 1969 Amy Beatrice Vousden Kintbury, Berkshire
Vousden Amy Beatrice of Notrees Kintbury Berkshire died 11 November 1969 Administration Oxford 10 December. £779.
16 April 1969 Ann Vousden Bromley
Vousden Ann of 18 Bourne Rd Bromley died 16 January 1969 Probate London 16 April. £3642.
10 July 1969 Henry James Vousden London SW1
Vousden Henry James of 49 Vincent Sq London S.W.1 died 5 June 1969 Administration London 10 July. £1570.
10 July 1969 Liberty Ida Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Liberty Ida otherwise Liberty of Darenth Grange Darenth nr Dartford Kent died 21 June 1969 Probate Brighton 18 July. £636.
25 August 1969 William George Vousden Lewisham, London
Vousden William George of 41 Brightside Rd Lewisham London died 23 June 1969 Probate London 25 August. £8225.
8 June 1970 Flora Grace Vousden Minster, Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Vousden Flora Grace of 5 Glenwood Dv Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent died 17 May 1970 Probate Brighton 8 June. £4505.
25 February 1970 John William George Vousden Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
Vousden John William George of 1 Cliff Court Cliff Gdns Leigh-on-Sea Essex died 25 January 1970 Administration Ipswich 25 February. £1720.
9 August 1971 Abby Margaret Vousden Bournemouth
Vousden Abby Margaret of 11 Coombe Gdns Ensbury Pk Bournemouth died 29 June 1971 Probate Winchester 9 August. £5251.
19 January 1971 Edith Alice Vousden Horsmonden, Tonbridge
Vousden Edith Alice otherwise Edith Ada of Wynchett Brenchley Rd Horsmonden Tonbridge died 23 October 1970 Administration (with Will) Brighton 19 January. £8240.
7 September 1971 Evelyn Siddall Vousden Meltham, Huddersfield
Vousden Evelyn Siddall of 58 Wessenden Head Rd Meltham Huddersfield died 29 June 1971 Probate Leeds 7 September. £2782.
15 October 1971 John Harold Vousden London, SE19
Vousden John Harold of 58 Beulah Hill London S.E.19 died 5 September 1971 Probate London 15 October. £995.
15 October 1971 William Vousden Cranbrook, Kent
Vousden William of Hawkridge Farm The Common Cranbrook Kent died 5 August 1970 Administration London 1 January. £2321.
9 August 1972 Dorothy Margaret Vousden London, SE19
Vousden Dorothy Margaret of 58 Beulah Hill London S.E.19 died 3 July 1972 Probate London 9 August. £1836.
29 September 1972 Dulcie Florence Vousden London, SE19
Vousden Dulcie Florence of 160 Duchy Dv Paignton died 3 August 1972 Probate Bristol 29 September. £11303.
20 March 1972 Emma Amelia Vousden London, SE10
Vousden Emma Amelia of 18 Colomb St London S.E.10 died 19 December 1952 Administration London 20 March. £200.
12 April 1972 John Vousden London, SE10
Vousden John of 18 Colomb St Greenwich London S.E.10 died 23 December 1939 Administration London 12 April. £200. Former Grant P.R. 5 February 1948.
12 January 1972 Sidney Vousden Eastry, Sandwich, Kent
Vousden Sidney of Casa Maris Gore Rd Eastry Sandwich Kent died 22 November 1971 Probate Brighton 12 January. £9372.
17 August 1973 Cecil Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Cecil of 26 London Rd Stone Dartford Kent died 23 June 1973 Probate Brighton 17 August. £8158.
19 October 1973 Esther Martha Vousden Eastry, Sandwich, Kent
Vousden Esther Martha of Casa Maris Gore Rd Eastry Sandwich Kent died 18 August 1973 Administration Brighton 19 October. £12972.
16 August 1973 Florence Vousden London, SE13
Vousden Florence of 41 Brightside Road London S.E.13 died 29 May 1973 Probate London 16 August. £19692.
20 January 1974 Albert Victor Vousden Marden, Kent
Vousden Albert Victor of 1 Elton Villas West End Marden Kent died 1 December 1973 Probate London 20 January. £1277.
25 November 1974 Alice Vousden Stroud, Kent
Vousden Alice of 26 Hove Street Stroud Kent died 26 March 1957 Probate Brighton 25 November. £160.
11 September 1974 Ellen Jessie Vousden Epping, Essex
Vousden Ellen Jessie of 9A Hartland Rd Epping Essex died 26 April 1974 Administration London 11 September. £740.
5 December 1975 Arthur George Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Arthur George of 8 Marlborough Rd Dartford Kent died 24 October 1975 Administration Brighton 5 December. £2466.
2 May 1975 Hilary Charles Vousden Bromley, Kent
Vousden Hilary Charles of 17 Weston Grove Bromley Kent died 14 February 1975 Administration with Will London 2 May. £299.
19 January 1976 Hilda May Vousden Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Vousden Hilda May of 44 Sherbourne Clo Hawkenbury Tunbridge Wells Kent died 25 November 1975 Administration Brighton 19 January. £3674.
11 February 1976 Peggy Vousden or Peggie Cook Bournmouth
Vousden or Cook or Peggy or Peggie of Fitzharris Av Winton Bournmouth died 5 January 1976 Administration with Will Winchester 11 February. £2000 (exact amount illegible).
13 May 1976 Sidney John Vousden Northfleet, Kent
Vousden Sidney John of 2 Pier Rd Northfleet Kent died 21 March 1976 Probate Brighton 13 May. £1102.
28 April 1976 Winifred Ellen Vousden Milton Keynes, Bucks
Vousden Winifred Ellen of 25 Newton Rd Bletchley Milton Keynes Bucks died 14 March 1976 Administration Oxford 28 April. £1753.
18 March 1977 Mary Catherine Annie Vousden Bacup, Lancs
Vousden Mary Catherine Annie of 11 Holmes La Bacup Lancs died 31 January 1977 Probate Manchester 18 March. £4801.
1 November 1977 Rosa Edith Vousden Reading, Berks
Vousden Rosa Edith of Elliotts Blandys La Upper Basildon Reading Berks died 28 March 1977 Probate London 1 November. £8963.
3 March 1978 Annie Lydia Harriett Vousden Kemsing, Kent
Vousden Annie Lydia Harriett of Cherry Tree Cottage 50 Cherry Tree Grove East Hill Kemsing Kent died 2 February 1978 Probate Oxford 3 March. £12240.
18 January 1978 Arthur Richard Vousden Sidcup, Kent
Vousden Arthur Richard of 67 Willersley Av Sidcup Kent died 22 November 1977 Administration London 18 January. £2902.
17 October 1979 Grace Kathleen Vousden Llandudno Junction, Gwynedd
Vousden Grace Kathleen of 10 The Meadows Llandudno Junction Gwynedd died 17 June 1979 Administration Llandaff 17 October. ࠋ12240.
24 September 1979 Lydia Frances Vousden Welwyn Garden City, Herts
Vousden Lydia Frances of 14c Raymonds Plain Welwyn Garden City Herts died 20 July 1979 Probate Ipswich 24 September. £2144.
10 November 1980 Frank Turp Vousden Grays, Essex
Vousden Frank Turp of 59 Ward Av Grays Essex died 23 July 1980 Probate Brighton 10 November. £44,141.
14 March 1980 Frederick John Vousden Horsmonden, Kent
Vousden Frederick John of 12 Gunlands Horsmonden Kent died 14 November 1979 Probate Brighton 14 March. £2390.
7 March 1980 Percy Stanley Vousden Gravesend, Kent
Vousden Percy Stanley of 153 Wrotham Rd Gravesend Kent died 5 September 1979 Probate Oxford 7 March. £12,246.
11 April 1980 Walter Frederick Vousden Blandford, Dorset
Vousden Walter Frederick of 24 Hanover Ct Blandford Dorset died 27 February 1980 Probate Winchester 11 April. £10,638.
3 March 1980 William Walter Vousden London, SE27
Vousden William Walter of 18 Idmiston Rd London SE27 died 29 January 1980 Probate London 3 March. £22,000.
25 August 1981 Edith Elizabeth Vousden Shrewsbury
Vousden Edith Elizabeth of 3 Edge Clo Bayston Hill Shrewsbury died 12 March 1981 Probate Birmingham 25 August. £30,386.
2 September 1981 Harold Frederick Leslie Vousden Attleborough, Nofolk
Vousden Harold Frederick Leslie of 24 Birch Dv Attleborough Nofolk died 9 July 1981 Probate Ipswich 2 September. £28,797.
26 October 1982 Alice Olive Vousden London, SW2
Vousden Alice Olive of 25 Despard House Palace Rd London SW2 died 7 June 1982 Administration London 26 October. Not exceeding £25,000.
11 November 1982 Elsie Annie Vousden Rochester, Kent
Vousden Elsie Annie of 70 Bells La Hoo Rochester Kent died 26 October 1982 Administration Brighton 11 November. Not exceeding £25,000.
14 December 1982 Joan Moresby Clayton Vousden
Or Clayton Joan Moresby of 12 Tewkesbury Terr London N11 died 12 July 1982 Administration with Will London 14 December. Not exceeding £25,000.
8 October 1982 Stanley Gordon Vousden Tonbridge, Kent
Vousden Stanley Gordon of Stanton Cottage Brenchley Rd Matfield Tonbridge Kent died 29 July 1982 Administration Brighton 8 October. £30,439.
31 January 1983 Ernest Vousden Scarborough
Vousden Ernest of 18 Napier Crescent Seamer Scarborough died 25 November 1982 Probate Newcastle 31 January. Not exceeding £25,000.
20 August 1984 Albert Edward Vousden Hertford Heath, Herts
Vousden Albert Edward of 16 Priors Wood Rd Hertford Heath Herts died 26 May 1984 Probate Ipswich 20 August. £63,590.
16 January 1984 Elsie Edith Vousden Bromley, Kent
Vousden Elsie Edith of 16 Gladwell Rd Bromley Kent died 16 April 1983 Administration London 16 January. £2902.
3 April 1985 Percy Richard Thomas Vousden Hertford Heath, Herts
Vousden Percy Richard Thomas of Whiteway Lodge the Whiteway Cirencester Glos died 13 October 1984 Probate Oxford 3 April. £58,790.
27 January 1986 James Matthew Vousden Erith, Kent
Vousden James Matthew of 33 Thanet Road Erith Kent died 5 December 1985 Administration Brighton 27 January. Not exceeding £40,000.
4 June 1986 Renee Frances Vousden Sandwich, Kent
Vousden Renee Frances of 33 Poulders Gdns Sandwich Kent died 10 April 1986 Administration Brighton 4 June. Not exceeding £40,000.
24 July 1987 Nellie Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Nellie of 26 London Rd Stone Dartford Kent died 17 June 1987 Probate Brighton 24 July. £57659.
18 June 1987 William Harold Edward Vousden Bath
Vousden William Harold Edward of 25 John Slessor Ct Camden Row Bath died 13 August 1986 Probate London 18 June. Not exceeding £40,000.
22 November 1988 Ellen Elizabeth Vousden Glastonbury
Vousden Ellen Elizabeth of St Benedicts Nursing Home Benedict St Glastonbury died 2 September 1988 Probate Brighton 22 November. £91109.
15 June 1988 Stanley Gordon Vousden Godalming, Surrey
Vousden Stanley Gordon of 101 Ockford Ridge Godalming Surrey died 18 May 1988 Probate Winchester 15 June. Not exceeding £70,000.
16 August 1989 Elsie Florence Vousden Bude
Vousden Elsie Florence of Fairfield Rest Home Launcells Bude died 15 May 1989 Probate Bristol 16 August. £104474.
19 February 1990 Daniel Sydney Vousden Maidstone, Kent
Vousden Daniel Sydney of 72 Trevor Dv Allington Park Maidstone Kent died 6 December 1989 Probate Brighton 19 February. £139395.
25 February 1992 Albert George Vousden Erith, Kent
Vousden Albert George of Flat 1 Shaftsbury Court Wiltshire Dv Wokingham Berks died 30 December 1991 Probate Oxford 25 February. Not exceeding £125000.
10 December 1992 John Clayton Exeter
Or Vousden John Clayton of 4 King's Walk Tollesbury Exeter died 28 October 1992 Probate Winchester 10 December. Not exceeding £125000.
29 July 1992 Minnie Stella Vousden Richmond, Surrey
Vousden Minnie Stella of 2/4 Priory Road Kew Richmond Surrey died 8 May 1992 Probate Brighton 29 July. £62674.
16 June 1993 Hilda Vousden Scarborough
Vousden Hilda of 14 High Moor Way Eastfield Scarborough died 30 April 1993 Probate Leeds 16 June. Not exceeding £125000.
8 February 1993 Rosina Mary Vousden Sidcup, Kent
Vousden Rosina Mary of 67 Willersley Ave Sidcup Kent died 8 January 1993 Probate Brighton 8 February. Not exceeding £125000.
4 January 1993 Theresa Margaret Vousden Whitstable, Kent
Vousden Theresa Margaret of 46 Burnham Road Whitstable Kent died 24 February 1991 Administration Winchester 4 January. Not exceeding £115000.
2 June 1994 Arthur Joseph Vousden Llandudno Junction
Vousden Arthur Joseph of 10 the Meadows Marl Lane llandudno Junction died 15 April 1994 Probate Llandaff 2 June. Not exceeding £125000.
14 September 1994 Clarissa Vousden Swanage
Vousden Clarissa of Clifftop Rest Home 8 Burlington Rd Swanage died 23 August 1994 Probate Winchester 14 September. Not exceeding £125000.
4 October 1994 Dorien Stella Vousden Bournemouth
Vousden Dorien Stella of 3 Saxonhurst Road Northbourne Bournemouth died 27 July 1994 Probate Leeds 4 October. Not exceeding £125000.
28 January 1994 Harry Leslie Vousden Sheppey, Kent
Vousden Harry Leslie of Bonaventure 59 Drake Av Minster Sheppey died 30 June 1976 Administration Brighton 28 January. £10000.
14 November 1994 John Herbert Vousden Sidcup, Kent
Vousden John Herbert of 201 Blackfen Rd Sidcup Kent died 21 June 1994 Probate Brighton 14 November. Not exceeding £125000.
16 August 1994 Prince Victor Vousden Canterbury, Kent
Otherwise Vousden Victor of 22 Riverdale Rd Canterbury Kent died 19 June 1994 Administration with Will Brighton 16 August. Not exceeding £125000.
27 March 1995 Barbara Ann Vousden Belvedere, Kent
Vousden Barbara Ann of 14 Poplar Mount Belvedere Kent died 18 December 1994 Probate Brighton 27 March. Not exceeding £125000.
2 November 1995 William George Vousden Reading, Berks
Vousden William George of Flat C 523 Basingstoke Rd Reading Berks died 1 October 1995 Probate Oxford 2 November. Not exceeding £145000.
25 August 1995 Winifred Lilian Vousden Redhill, Surrey
Vousden Winifred Lilian of 93 Ladbroke Road Redhill Surrey died 31 July 1995 Probate Brighton 25 August. Not exceeding £145000.
8 January 1996 Edith Mavis Vousden Huddersfield, West Yorks
Vousden Edith Mavis of 1 Flockton Rd Shelley Huddersfield West Yorks died 29 October 1995 Probate Llandaff 8 January. Not exceeding £145000.
26 March 1996 Sylvia Constance Emily Vousden Dartford, Kent
Vousden Sylvia Constance Emily of 49 Montgomery Rd South Darenth Dartford Kent died 2 February 1996 Probate London 26 March. Not exceeding £145000.
27 November 1997 Kitty Florence Vousden Tonbridge, Kent
Vousden Kitty Florence of 31 Orchard Crescent Horsmonden Kent died 3 October 1997 Probate Brighton 27 November. Not exceeding £180000.
8 June 1998 Florence Amelia Vousden Littlestone on Sea, Kent
Vousden Florence Amelia of Fairways Retirement Home Madeira Road Littlestone on Sea Kent died 23 May 1998 Administration Brighton 8 June. Not exceeding £180000.
7 January 1998 Gladys Winifred Vousden Attleborough Norfolk
Vousden Gladys Winifred of 24 Birch Drive Attleborough Norfolk died 6 October 1997 Probate Ipswich 7 January. Not exceeding £180000.
7 April 1998 John James Vousden Bexleyheath, Kent
Vousden John James of 4 Basilon Road Bexleyheath Kent died 18 January 1998 Probate Brighton 7 April. Not exceeding £180000.
22 June 1998 Robert Edward Vousden Camberley, Surrey
Vousden Robert Edward of 7 Fairfield Drive Frimley Camberley Surrey died 15 September 1997 Administration Winchestern 22 June. Not exceeding £180000.

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